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AMT 59' El Camino 2 tone


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9 minutes ago, thebavarian said:

Fantastic. I like the two tone color and the wired engine.

Why thank you sir,,all I did was tape off the bottom 1/2 of the body center line trim line,,and sprayed w/testors.  The body unpainted  plastic color is that light blue on lower. That quk dry enamel is great stuff,,can handle it after about 2 hrs. The engine still needs some feul feed lines to blower intake  and linkage pcs on other side,,but its ok. Thanks for lookin   S

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Thanks guys,,enjoy your stuff as well.  I remember where I got this kit,,it was from a swap meet years ago  and it didnt have the rear glass with it,so thats why it dosent have the rear glass. it was a 1/2 built glue blob in a ziplock bag for 5$ lol. And I had to supply rims+ tires from the spare parts box also.   Gotta get that styrene flyin!  Thanks   for lookin!   Build on     S

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