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1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham


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Qoute from happy grumpy from his Atlantis cadillac  57 post  "I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this".  Well I had the same sentiment  too, but what a beautiful body and lines.  A friend built one earlier this summer like the box art and it was gorgeous.  He used small round rod for upper door/fender trim. I did the same but scrape/ sanded one side of the plastic rod so it would lay down easier when attaching to the body before painting.

My thoughts on the kit....a great subject matter, not everything has to to SS, GT, R/T, etc, etc. And lately plain Janes' are more eye catching. I think I know where Muffy (Biff & Muffy of the High Society fame) was concieved at......

Rough edges, flash here and there, Multi piece body that one side fit perfect,  the other side not so perfect. It has a small parts count which is good for a quick build...unfortunately the word "quick" won't  be found in the instructions  or your comments when partaking the plastic pleasures of this kit.  I'll go as far as saying that the only thing that fit with no issue was the box top of this kit. But with a little time and patience,  a nice Curb side will emerge.

And like Forrest Gump said "That's all I got to say bout that".....until I feel like making some more comments. But I'm  good for now....






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Glad to see another caddy 57. Gerat job on a not so great kit but a great subject mater. I'm also glad you posted it . It just shows  that with care and work, a subpar kit can be built to very nice piece minus the inaccuracies which are not really the designers fault, they had very little to go on according to it's history. That's a great color choice you put on yours. The 50's was a great decade for American design and while not perfect , those old kits are a blessing for old nostalgic folks like me.

thank you for posting yours, it's a great looking build.

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Some of the comments I've read about this kit remind me of the British SAS slogan Qui audet adipiscitur (Who dares wins).  Nice to see yet another board member take this daunting build on and make it turn out so well.  

Several people have made favorable comments about the paint, which I also happen to like.  Would you mind telling us the mfr and part #?  (ex: Testors #1261, Dupli-Color #3268 etc).

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