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Stretched AMT White Freightliner

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Another one added to the collection. Started this project about 2-3 months ago with the intentions of making it a hay hauler. Well my flatbed didn't work out due to warpage, so I turned it into this beast! Still debating on putting a deckplate on here. The list of mods is as follows: opening door with an upgraded steering wheel, pedals, shifter, seats, and vents. Stretched the frame roughly 1-1.5", swapped the rims and tires out for a set off an amt California Hauler. The 8v72 came from the parts bin with some slight weathering on it. From the parts bin are the: rear fenders, air tanks, bumper, 5th wheel/platform and cab lights. Photoetch door handles from a buddy of mine. Scratchbuilt exhaust, mudflaps, license plate holder. Decals are a mix of aftermarket, and modified kit decals. Enjoy!















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Much appreciated! And yes, with rigs they're very different compared to cars. You can customize these as much or as little as you'd like. They all are configured differently! 

I thought I had a visor for it, but nearing the end I realized I didn't. I actually like it without. Gives it that farmtruck look to it

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Very cool like the motor swap my dad had a “67” with a 318 and swapped it with a crate 350 Cummins witch they told him it couldn’t be done wouldn’t fit needless to say installed with a 13 speed tranny changed the radiator added a fiberglass fan changed rear end gears this was the early “70’s” it was a 95 mph truck. Love the build it brings back good memories 

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