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1964 Marauder


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AMT 64 Marauder, the new re-issue. Comes with some nice decals. I thought about doing a Stroppe Mercury but I wasn’t feeling a three color paint scheme. I thought maybe a one color USAC stocker. I thought putting the number over the trim would give it a Saturday night racer look but I think it looks more like a lazy modeler LOL. Box 3B4A8BDA-635D-4646-A818-9FED45403726.thumb.jpeg.421e29c18bb474236d1185f5ba69debd.jpeg0BB13432-454D-4384-BB97-636688B1969D.thumb.jpeg.72936b899019014707aa8f84fd23c2d2.jpegC98215BA-3765-4007-B666-79080EE72532.thumb.jpeg.c27107dd31988e247ced4b959853b812.jpeg977A9105-5ECB-44FA-B298-7682EA6E3F7C.thumb.jpeg.aa69103a8cd46dc4af0d143892bfd8c0.jpeg5E728561-97D1-4A6A-91C3-D20CEFF73E21.thumb.jpeg.d6776669d0a796ce42a28b0e1ececcd0.jpegD51BC54B-5C1E-4B39-9860-1CA2A9C8A1BD.thumb.jpeg.96bed5e8c5f004223fb47e9a2be71424.jpegABA62B60-1A44-4894-9A94-6912CC9775FC.thumb.jpeg.867f2e4ff35162de5e1b0327c1bb5727.jpeg7BBF6B98-F516-4549-9317-3D8E9C0A42F6.thumb.jpeg.3de92341ad2b91721efe086845fce1df.jpeg stock except for the Plastic Performance wheels and tires. Kit comes with a roll cage but I thought it looked funny so I went with a single bar type. Not one of my favourite finished products.


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