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20220924_101723.thumb.jpg.c951fa83b3b98ec929d82cbf0e1c7a54.jpgG'day guys. Fresh off the bench is my Revell '37 Ford panel delivery. I've built it in the street rod style with a Halloween theme. Her name is Sabrina and she has an independent front suspension set up with lowered spindles. Rear is coil spring. Her power comes from a supercharged Tempest 4 cylinder sourced from the Revell Micky Thompson 'Attempt 1 record car' kit. Her colour is Tamiya ts72 clear blue over ts65 pearl clear over ts14 gloss black. Graphics are skulls with some dry brushing for effect using gloss black over ts30 silver leaf then the pearl clear and clear blue. I added Aussie number plates of my home state of New South Wales. This build can be viewed in WIP.  

Thanks for watching and all feedback is welcomed. 

Cheers, David. 😎 👍20220924_095620.thumb.jpg.ea077aed494acbe420bb677cbb7698da.jpg20220924_095649.thumb.jpg.3a8129a83012b601a21b62ecb000b568.jpg20220924_095704.thumb.jpg.9a4c2098db22eb28f90e070a554c5574.jpg20220924_095716.thumb.jpg.07350c2b19bbafa18e56b8773f8e5e45.jpg20220924_095738.thumb.jpg.5bdb369561a78f82c158dcb592e481f6.jpg20220924_095801.thumb.jpg.68d93fdebee19a0b0b3f25752a27699a.jpg20220924_095832.thumb.jpg.9d770c0d27b7637cf49453bd294812c5.jpg20220924_095900.thumb.jpg.3bf7ea227edeb3530250b0ce3d0444e8.jpg20220924_095922.thumb.jpg.71869000ddd9a515dbb41e49d73844f9.jpg20220924_095933.thumb.jpg.ffae4b880b52ae51421adb5b4311dc94.jpg

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On 9/27/2022 at 3:25 AM, espo said:

Great looking delivery. Your paint treatment does a nice job of breaking up the slab sides. The part I found most interesting was watching you build the super charged 4 banger. The interior is hard to see but is well done as well.  

Thanks David. I have some pics of the interior in WIP.20220916_191004.thumb.jpg.41d86901522a4cc6944897d1ded3baba.jpg

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