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Atlantis “ Fake Out “ Mustang funny car


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A simple little between project that can be done in days . 3 in this case . Wings are dumb but I thought about cutting the posts off an filling but as I wanted simple and it is for my grandson I passed on that . I did fill the sink hole in the hood a bit . Used some tire decals and other decals I had in my decal box . Paint is Testors Purple with Duplicolor 1 K clear . I pretty sure my grandson won’t grasp the idea of display only and it will be back to parts in a matter of minutes .







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I was just about to reply to your WIP thread and thought I'd look here first . . .

There's not too many if any kits that can be painted and built in 3-4 hours and look this nice , just think if somebody spent serious time and really detailed one of these !?!  Well done Ray and if it ends up in pieces I'm sure it was worth the fun ! :D

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Thanks Bob, and yes it will end up in pieces. I have just started the AMT trash truck for him also as he loves to watch trash pu. This one will be mounted on a base in a simple diorama and put on a shelf to discourage him from thinking it is a play toy.   ( good luck with that )

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