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'74 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

pack rat

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Decided to try something a little different.  

I started with an old '74 Road Runner test shot (a mix of Road Runner and Roscoe-era parts, before it was "accurized" into the Daisy Duke version).

Basically out of the box (bag, actually) with the hood scoop removed and replaced with a section of a '69 Charger roof, a dashboard from an MPC Super Charger, "premier" wheel covers from a '66 Charger annual and a whole bunch of chrome trim cut from evergreen strip.

The paint is an airbrushed mix of Tamiya TS-38 gunmetal and TS-52 candy lime green in an attempt to simulate Avacado Gold...I missed by a mile, but I don't mind the look.  The Satellite badges were copied from a Moebius '65 Satellite body.  They're a little cheesy-looking, I'm working on fixing that.

Not 100% accurate, but it was fun.     






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Beautiful looking paint color and finish. I'm not sure of the color you said you were trying for, but this looks great to me. Nice to see this as a more mainstream body style. All the trim looks really cleanly done and I like the body stripe as well.  

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This build is awesome, and is more relatable for this kind of car as the muscle era had passed, and the RoadRunner was such a horrible attempt in design for these two years.  Transition to opera windows and whitewalls was underway and this hits the era perfectly. 

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14 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

!!!NICE!!! Did you retain the kit's 'generic' Chrysler B/RB engine? I know that the Sebring/Plus could be had with the 400-HP/4-speed.

Nice, classy RP23 appearance, too. IIRC, Missing Link offers -or did offer- those wheel covers.

Thanks....and now I know what an RP23 is (yeah, I had to Google it).

I built the kit engine as-is...let's call it the non-HP 400. (E64...something else I learned on that Google search!)      

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4 hours ago, drodg said:

This is a great build.  I always wanted to build a 73-74 Satellite and you hit it spot on.  What stripes did you use or did you hand paint the pin stripes?

I used this roll of Gunze pinstripe tape I picked up at my LHS many years ago.  No idea if it's still available. 

zzzzzzxx 001.JPG

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Wpw! Amazing build! I like the more mainstream look of this one for that era. As someone mentioned, the muscle car era was over and this is what most cars looked like then. I love Avacado Gold. Although you missed it by a mile, as you said, I think the color is very nice and suits the build perfectly.


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