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1968 Revell Charger RT 1:25 scale

Vintage chromoly

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I built this car for a friend to replicate his 1:1 example. It’s fairly close.

I used the Revell 1968 Charger RT kit. 
the kit isn’t bad. Lots of decent details. 
The molding could have been cleaner, and the Chinese plastic isn’t as good as the old school USA made stuff, but I worked with it.

the paint is Scale finishes B5 blue. The flake is a bit too big in my opinion (odd, because I’ve used other metallic colors from Scale finishes and the flake scale is spot on). I used Testors clear lacquer over the base.



















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1 hour ago, Hoffman said:

Robert, beautiful work! Could you describe for us your technique for the black wash on the engine and chassis components? It's really well done, adds a lot to the depth and realism of things.

Thanks for the compliment.

I use Tamiya panel line accent in black. basically, I just bleed the panel line accent into the cracks and crevices of the model. Sometimes I blow on the work as I apply the fluid, and that tends to chase the fluid into the divots and crevices. 
I just started using this product, and I really like it. I did buy some grey and brown accent, as well. I find that the black is the best for adding definition. I’ve tried the brown to add some “dirt” and “road grime” to the chassis, but the results are just OK, in my opinion. 


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Awesome Charger, great detailing, although I agree with you that the flakes look a little on the big side, I remember when the metal flake was in fashion back in the 70's, I remember seeing some cars with really prominent flakes and they were bigger than what we would normally see. So yours is not too off the mark. The outside photos look really nice and the metal flake effect looks better.

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