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Fictional 1969 Petty Thunderbird

Karl LaFong

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What do you get when you combine these two kits?



Hopefully the 1969 Petty ride that never was.  Luckily the wheelbases of the two kits are very close, so major hacking wasn't required.  I sanded off the side trim and windshield wipers, radiused the front wheel openings, opened the gas tank cover, and added the spoiler from the Torino kit.

20221001_131122.jpg.19456696e6d54ff4bd310e2bf0b70e17.jpg 20221001_131059.jpg.0285cdb296e4c9391cbe288ed876eaf5.jpg20221001_131105.jpg.a3ec561e82942c9acbfe7c843f5da26e.jpg


While the front end looks like it's too high, when I glue the chassis pan to the body it should sit lower. The color will be Tamiya French Blue.  Petty ran dark blue wheels in '69, but I liked the look of white wheels (my fantasy, my choice).  The Johan OHC engine was built as a 429.  


I wish the molds for the Torino could be found!


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Ya beat me to getting to work on the idea, one of many "I wonder what it would look like" ones I have. My variation was a 'what-if' the winged Mopars had been allowed to go on another year, answered by a winged Thunderbird. I was thinking the pointy nose '71 T-bird done up to mimic the '71 Pearson #21 Purolator Mercury Cyclone would be fun .... but a quick look when I first had the idea into the prices for the MPC Donnie Allison Cyclone kit prompted me to say, well, forget that. 

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I finished the interior, with the exception of the fire extinguisher and seat belts, it's straight out of the Torino box.

20221007_230755.thumb.jpg.a2f7afe70d45cce6892c38e20648d781.jpg 20221007_230804.thumb.jpg.d977746d46532a9d96addc61a1d7e376.jpg


I also added the windows and front and rear bumpers - now it looks like a '69 T-bird.

20221009_175506.thumb.jpg.bb6d495ea10c91c71b2be5ac043e2397.jpg  20221009_175510.jpg.c6c714f11c9bfb115faea48982fbce55.jpg 20221009_175619.jpg.8158969ff55d3ec8e54e85b5e9a088e5.jpg

The holes in the hood are for the hood pins.  I do have to fix the gap between the grill and hood.

20221009_175542.thumb.jpg.8108229396dc46443574cb136936b977.jpg  20221009_175600.jpg.66db5e736bd35fbe0b93b016f3cbb26e.jpg


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The fit of the hood was pretty bad, so I substituted a Modelhaus hood I found in my parts stash.  I'll have to hog out the front wheel wells a bit more - I wish I had discovered this before painting and assembling - one of the joys of parts swapping.  The decals are from the Petty Polar Lights Torino kit.


20221017_144740.thumb.jpg.8a5036cf1006db7a5891a1fb3dbe9063.jpg  20221017_144727.thumb.jpg.2361e1d063df8428383acf2e7c751448.jpg


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