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Ferrari Tipo 500, Alberto Ascari, British GP 1953. Model Factory Hiro, 1/20

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Good evening,

The Ferrari Tipo 500 is just a marvel, my Roooaaaring Red Bullet!

I thought it would not be silly to take advantage of the momentum to launch a new project / challenge ...
In the mood for Rosso Corsa, I decided to reopen the box containing an assembly started a long time ago and finished at 95% (there were only all the rivets / Dzus, the decals and some small details ..), the result did not satisfy me.
So I decided to deconstruct as much as possible and ... to rebuild to finish the model.

Please find below some pictures of the whole recovery.

Big job in modifying the resin parts of the bodywork


Before passing the internal layer of Grayish Blue FS 35237 from GS (Navy when you hold us ...) without excessive masking:


Resumption of the seat on which I pass a layer of beige which will serve as a sanding guide and background for the steering wheel:



The exhaust is also modified with the addition of some welds in metal and Tamiya epoxy putty (sorry for the image ... blurred!)


The whole is masked to pass a veil of diluted Gunze tire Black.
This keeps the heated metal appearance at the outlet of the cylinders.
The part before the 2 in 1 is buffered with liquid rubber to simulate the burnt paint which is crumbling, the whole is then passed to oils and pastels.





All of the front and rear axles are dismantled, rebuilt, modified and reinstalled.
The clamps of the leaf springs are redone in strips of lead sheet of 1 mm: it is thinner, it facilitates the assembly and ... I like it more than before!


The rear axle wired, the tanks connected before a new pass of "traces of lives"



We don't really see the pretty castellated nuts anymore ...



And finally the final assembly with the installation of all the screws, the windshield, the mirrors, the installation of the decals ...
The wheels are only provisionally installed so that I can more easily prepare its storage / transport box.
I will definitely do more pictures later.









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