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Well, it IS a truck.

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This is a LARC-V. It's a Vietnam era amphibious cargo vehicle that was used for ship to shore transfer. LARC-V stands for "Light Amphibious Re-supply Cargo Vehicle." After Vietnam some have been used as "Duck Tour" trucks like the old modified WWII Ducks. In other cases, they've been used for rescue, for cargo, and even in Antarctica for supply transfer. There are lots of color and configuration possibilities beyond the military versions. Haven't decided just yet which way to go.

This shot with the Jeep gives you an idea of relative size. It's a big vehicle and a big model--about a foot long. The kit is too new for much aftermarket stuff, but I suspect that there will be more. This is a curbside with no engine. Lots of photo etch included with the kit. Surface detail is pretty good, but fit is kind of dodgy.


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7 hours ago, Chariots of Fire said:

We had one of those parked near the river not far from here.  Too wide to travel down ordinary streets.  There were some smaller versions as well that were more the size of the old DUKW's.  As to it being a truck??  More like a "troat" I think.😁

This is the smaller one. The big one was called the LARC-LX. In this shot you can see the LARC-V alongside the hull of an Italeri DUKW. They're pretty close in size.


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