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1949 Ford Four-Door Custom - Under Glass - Dec 22/22


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I mocked up the interior in a convertible body to see how it fits and looks. The seats and side panels are from the Revell '49 Mercury. The front seat now has a one piece back. Some extra rolls and pleats were added to the rear shelf. On the door panels I added some hardware and arm rest. The custom steering was made from two '49 units with a clear lens in the centre. I have attached some interior photos of the car as it looks now. In later years purple was added to the top of the dash and the rear seat got painted black. A Mexican blanket covers the well-worn front seat upholstery.



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  • Phildaupho changed the title to 1949 Ford Four-Door Custom - Interior done Nov. 29
22 hours ago, Joe Nunes said:

This is coming along nicely and your model work is inspiring; a learning experience in itself. Thanks for sharing your construction techniques. 




13 hours ago, slusher said:

Looking great!


6 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Wow, some fantastic slicing and dicing going on here Phil!👍

Thanks guys

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3 hours ago, customline said:

I just wanted to say WOW! Looks great and I can't wait to see it finished.


47 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

Scratchbuilding Extraordinaire sir.


Thanks guys - The body is now in primer so final painting will soon begin. I attached the side trim before final painting as I predicted too many possibilities of disaster if doing it afterwards. Even at that I cut it in three sections at the door gaps. Plus the area inside the trim will be white so should make masking simpler. I also have the Cadillac V-12 ready to install. I am sure the original ignition wires were not green, but it was all I had on hand, and it should look good with the main green exterior colour.


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  • Phildaupho changed the title to 1949 Ford Four-Door Custom - body in primer & Cadillac V12 ready - Nov 30
  • Phildaupho changed the title to 1949 Ford Four-Door Custom - Under Glass - Dec 22/22

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