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MPC Pontiac Super Stocker

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I bought this at an estate sale. Body was bad. But I was able to piece most of the parts back together. It’s an original as it has that special right front tire. The numerous parts and decals I did need. Khils (Kevin Hilsabeck) gladly sent them to me and I want to thank him. I never build anything like this. And being it was mostly built. Was a bit of a challenge disassembling what was built and rebuilding it. I think it came out rather well. Do you normally glue the body to the frame or leave it to show the chassis detail? Added a before pic of it disassembled.










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First to answer your question.. I will leave the body just sitting on the chassis so I can lift it off to show the chassis detail if warranted, and yours certainly qualifies!  Very nice!

I did buy the latest release of this kit and thought the multipiece chassis and that exhaust was odd, but now that I see yours built, it really works!

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A very nice model save and looks good in the colors you chose. I remember watching these race cars back in the day...lots of noise and dust in the air...did I mention noise and dust? Oh boy, oh boy, what fun!


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