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MPC Plymouth GTX Hemi

Mopar - D

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This is the 1/25 scale MPC kit that I’ve changed out the chassis with the AMT 71 Charger and the Hemi engine from the parts box. My reference car for the build is  the only 71 GTX in Plum Crazy Purple with a Hemi. I used rally wheels instead of the dog dish hub caps.  Paint is Scale Finishes Plum Crazy Purple with Testors wet finish clear coat. As always your comments are always welcome and appreciated. 















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Verry Verry Nice!!!!!                                                                                                       Did you hand the paint the pin stripes?                                                                       Mike

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On 10/10/2022 at 12:47 PM, espo said:

Beautiful looking color and finish, a personal MoPar favorite. The accent stripping matching the interior looks great. Very realistic looking engine detailing. 

Thanks David 

On 10/10/2022 at 1:47 PM, kelson said:

Turned out really nice!.the color with the striping really make the car standout!!.

Thanks Curtis 

On 10/10/2022 at 9:56 PM, charger74 said:

It looks very good 

Thanks Eric 

On 10/10/2022 at 10:28 PM, Bronzekeg said:


Thanks Ken

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On 10/10/2022 at 10:43 PM, Bills72sj said:

Very nice. I would love to have it in my display case.

Thanks Bill, I’m working on a new load of cars for my next car transporter guess what model year Mopars they are going to be lol. 

On 10/10/2022 at 11:35 PM, slusher said:

Fantastic looking  Plymouth!!

Thanks Carl 

On 10/11/2022 at 4:08 AM, ChrisR said:

Looking great!

Thanks Chris 

On 10/11/2022 at 8:14 AM, drodg said:

Watched the build on this.  Very very nice.

Thanks David for following and your comments. 

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On 10/11/2022 at 9:10 AM, fivesuns said:

one of my favorite body styles.  Good job!

Thanks Howard 

On 10/11/2022 at 12:08 PM, Mike 1017 said:

Verry Verry Nice!!!!!                                                                                                       Did you hand the paint the pin stripes?                                                                       Mike

Thanks Mike. I ended up making some pin stripes for it. 

On 10/11/2022 at 12:32 PM, happy grumpy said:

What's not to love, the color, the side trim, the engine details and my favorite Mopar. Awesome job.👍😎

Thanks Mario When I saw one in Hemmings Muscle Machines in Plum Crazy Purple I knew my colors and then finding out that only 1 Plum Crazy Purple Hemi was built that was what made my mind up. Plus I found some good reference pictures. 

On 10/11/2022 at 4:44 PM, Oldcarfan27 said:


Thanks Patrick 

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