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With Testor's getting hard to find...

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...is there a list somewhere that shows equivalents? 

I'm getting ready to start another reproduction of models from my childhood. I need Testor's Ruby Red spray. I think I can use Tamiya Mica Red over black (car in question was Ruby Red over black) 

Also, I used their Jade Green metal flake a lot. I haven't seen that in a while either.

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I use an app on my phone, paintrack.

For Testors Ruby Red a good match is Revell Fiery Red. The closest Tamiya colour is in the PS line, which I've heard mixed results with styrene, Metallic Wine.

For the Jade green, try Tamiya PS17 metallic green or Revell Emerald green.


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Year ago Testors re-jigged their paint line, removing some classic colours and adding others. In the process, the name of some colours was changed. Metallic green was one of them. Testors dropped the colour metallic green, and dropped the name jade green, and moved the name 'metallic green' over to the old jade green paint. The clue is in the part number. On the little glass bottles, met. green used to be #1154 and jade green was #1530. Now, met. green is #1530. So, the current Testors met. green is the old jade green.

The same is true for Testors metallic blue and sapphire blue. The current met. blue is the old sapphire blue, and the old met. blue colour has been dropped.

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