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Tamiya Porsche 911 GT2 engine cover


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Thank you for your reply! I could also use both headlight buckets (parts C5 and C6), and both door handles (parts A7 and A8). Less important are rearview mirror faces (C1 and C2), and gauge decals. Let me know! Also let me know what you might like in trade, and I’ll check what I have in my parts stash/junkyard. Thanks again! 

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13 hours ago, LDO said:

I may have it. Is this the blue box with white car? 

I’ll see if I can find it tonight. I robbed the seats and wheels out of it. I sent something else to another modeler. 

There are several versions of the kit that have the parts I need, but yes, this is one of them.


Let me know! Thanks.

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6 hours ago, Randy D said:

Hello Matija,

  If Lee can not help I have these parts to send you.


Thanks for the offer! I certainly don’t mean to be picky, but I’d prefer to get all the parts I need, if possible, of course, so it really depends on who/if anyone might have them. Let me know. Thanks gentlemen!

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