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On 10/14/2022 at 11:47 AM, Calb56 said:

LA Chopper is cool... I'd also love to see this one come back too! I used to have it and now it's way too much...



I have an unstarted Rough Rider for sale on EBay here in the U.K. that I’m happy to ship if you want to deal ?


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That L.A. Steet Chopper getting reissued, is the best news for me, in several years. MAN is that sweet.
Now it would be nice if they followed with the Rough Rider and the Chaingang, both in 1/12 scale.....

I am actually working on my L.A. Street Chopper now. The paintjob is by sweedish masterbuilder Claes Beck-Friis. 


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1 hour ago, Daddyfink said:

We need to get the rest of the Choppers as well, and most of them seem to have been in the hands of Revell AG. But here is original catalog for them.

rev 72 08-960

rev 72 09-960

rev 72 10-960

rev 72 12-960

Vintage Revell Chain Gang Chopper in progress | Model cars kits, Car model,  Plastic model cars

I would like to see the Chain gang chopper come back , very cool looking chopper !


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