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Elvis' Cotton Owens 67 Charger


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I found myself with a spare Revell '67 Charger body, so I used Lindberg's Richard Petty Belvedere to turn it into the car driven by Elvis for the movie Speedway. Most of it worked better than I would have expected: the rear axle needed to be moved forward about 2mm, and the front edge had to be squared off to fit the front bumper, but otherwise the chassis fit perfectly. Inside, both front and rear dashes needed to be extended to fit the Charger's bigger greenhouse, but again everything else just kind of fell into place. Even the Belvedere engine bay fit the Charger body with little drama. Decals, wheels, and tires are all from PPP, and the decals included the screen-accurate "Steve Grayson" scripts for the doors.

The worst part of the build was probably the Carpet Monster eating the rear deck badge, but I'm calling it "done" regardless and will just add that if I find the one I lost or get a replacement some day. Anyway, a full writeup of the build is available here, and as always any comments/criticisms are welcome!









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That is AWESOME especially that last picture!   I loved that movie, like all Elvis movies, fun, cheezy and had cool cars in it!  He drove a turbine in one movie didn't he"  Like Fireball 500 or something.  Anyway, great job on the Charger really appreciate you sharing this with us!  Keep em coming!


"I'm gonna win this race".... Elvis sings...

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Elvis singing before he leaves the building....of models to us here at modelcarsmag...
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Thanks, guys!

21 hours ago, steveracer said:

I loved that movie, like all Elvis movies, fun, cheezy and had cool cars in it!  He drove a turbine in one movie didn't he"  Like Fireball 500 or something.

I think it was Frankie Avalon in Fireball 500, but defnitely part of the beach party/racing film series from that era. I know Elvis Also had aan Elva Mk.6 in Viva Las Vegas, I've been trying to hunt down something to at least start with for that one!

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