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Richard Petty's 1969 Thunderbird

Karl LaFong

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Which, of course is fictional.  But, what if Ford had never manufactured the Torino?  The '69 Thunderbird could have been an alternative - it actually had a shorter wheelbase (114.7 inches) than the Torino (116 inches).  It also had the aerodynamics of a brick...

This one is a kitbash of the AMT 1969 Thunderbird/Allison Thunderland and the Johan 1972 Nascar Torino.  WIP is here


20221021_162132.thumb.jpg.90413eb8e5bbaf3af84f99af1a68f61a.jpg 20221021_162122.jpg.326e66f52c3a8fffa45a4b6458520c87.jpg 20221021_162147.thumb.jpg.061d0016ce47e0bd6f6d7b50ecd4063a.jpg

20221021_162049.jpg.5bfb44345449e549fe3da5f77a1d0d65.jpg  20221021_162035.jpg.6681827729bff3c5e777ae12ae583351.jpg



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