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JoHan '56 Pontiac Star Chief 4dr


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Here's a quicky build that I've been wanting to do for a while. I found some paint at walmart the other day that spoke to me. 

This model features the 3d printed interior for the '56 Pontiac 4dr now available by Okey of JoHan. 

I painted the chrome on the dash and most of the door panels with molotow with a brush. 

Mirrors are parts box, and not correct but look cool on it. Custom license plate I made years ago. I wish I put a mirror off the inside of the roof but oh well. 

My only regret is the trunk. The scripts were not proud enough to let me sand thru the paint to the foil without making it a mess so I had to detail it the best I could with Molotow.




Here's some pics of the interior before it went in the car. I painted the turn signal and shift knobs white before it went together. 


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Wow! What a gorgeous Pontiac. It’s a heartbreaker. I love the colour choice. It grabbed me right away. There sure is a lot of great paint and foil detailing on this one. Okey is offering 3D printed interiors?

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Well sir that's one fine model, I know it's based on a promo and if I walked into a Pontiac dealer and saw that I'd buy one right there. The Johan promo's had that nice tint, really adds a realistic touch. Your attention to detail in the interior and exterior trim is top drawer, bravo. 

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