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AMT Firestone 'Double Pinstripe' Tires

Joe Lange

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DSC00683.thumb.JPG.851f812d82535b004e3a2c6007042d75.JPGDSC00683.thumb.JPG.851f812d82535b004e3a2c6007042d75.JPGGreetings All,

For all those who enjoy building mid-60's American automobiles, and who are familiar with the double pinstripe tires that some new cars came with.  Round2Models, reproduced AMT's Tire Pack that has 2 sets of these tires.  One set is a regular tread design and the other is a 'Street' type drag slick.  

While this may not be news to you, (they have been out for a while), I just received word from them that this particular Tire Pack has been discontinued.   So........If you were thinking about getting a pack of them, you better get them now!  I just ordered 3 packs from 'Model Roundup'.  Really good folks to deal with.  Don't know how many they have left.  DSC00670.thumb.JPG.97298989c0f7b0bc989c440eba6a5562.JPG    

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