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Range Rover 2 door, Italeri

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I started to make this kit into a full detail from a curbside,

Here's what I've done so far: (I've described pictures in order, not the picture name)

1 Box art

2 body and chassis

3 another view of kit pieces

4 using the backside of the knife I removed the hood.

5 I also removed the engine bottom as molded to the chassis, the console will be the transmission hump.

1 IMG_5601.JPG

2 IMG_5586.JPG

3 IMG_5587.JPG

5 IMG_5591.JPG

7 IMG_5594.JPG

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1 With the hood removed, I could see that the inner fenders are not wide enough.

2 I covered them with .020 styrene sheet to match the body contour and started a firewall.

3 Then I started to make a rad core and some inner fender detail.

4 Kit grille

5 Opened up grille, small drill to top and bottom, then backside of the blade dragged up and down both sides of 16 thin slots!

9 IMG_5598.JPG

10 IMG_5599.JPG




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I decided to go with the LS3 and auto, so...........

1 I measured the kit frame and locked my calipers so I could make a better crossmember and keep the width the same.

2 I assembled the 3D engine and transmission after I cut off the headers, then made my new crossmember and motor mounts.

3 I had to use some scraps to make a transfer case work with the big transmission.

4 Then to make room for everything in the body firewall and floorpan.






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1 I had a couple of '62 Catalina kits for parts, so I used both driveshafts, cut, drilled and made to the length I need.

2 With my modified transfer case, and floorpan, it all fits!

Next step will be to make an exhaust system, then add some more realistic crossmembers to that simplified kit frame!



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I couldn't fit that big engine and auto trans and front driveshaft AND headers, so I went with exhaust manifolds.

1 and 2: On the driver's side, no problem, but on the passenger's side, where the front driveshaft is, I had to modify the exhaust manifold.

3 So now the motor fits, on to making more realistic frame crossmembers!

4 Various widths and thicknesses of Plastruct and Evergreen styrene pieces make the crossmembers.

5 Not exactly high detail, but WAY better than what came with this kit.


I've built the 4 door version of this kit, in fact 2 from different manufacturers, and they're both exactly the same, and curbsides but with great chassis and interior detail!

I thought this kit would just be a 2 door version, but NO, it's a terrible kit! However, I love doing this kind of stuff, so just so you know the Italeri (2 door) is NOT the same kit as the Aoshima and Revell Germany (4 door) kits.IMG_5647.JPG.763da742126738be711b21286207ec1a.JPGIMG_5648.JPG.e9bf1a52782375279234f64fd0709bc2.JPGIMG_5653.thumb.JPG.0d3fb52781717b4a1a7e82f0daedc2f1.JPGIMG_5655.JPG.272cf0a0e8da673681a10fcca4c6d9a4.JPGIMG_5657.JPG.6f24f9710d3d27be429897285e4db837.JPG

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1:  Of course now I can't leave the suspension molded to the rails with THIS much extra plastic!

2:  After some plastic surgery, it's more "refined". Just the usual dragging the backside of the blade over and over, then finishing with thin files.

3:  I cut the tailgate open, the kit provided it partly cut out, so I finished that!

4:  Here's the side panels, which I will cut.

5:  Side panels cut, and floor also.

6 and 7:  Assembled rear area, only 3 pieces, but I added locater blocks to keep the upper sides level with the window openings, and filled all the holes with sprue.

8 and 9:  It fits nicely now!

IMG_5672 (2).JPG









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So when I decided to cut the hood open, and make the inner fenders and firewall, I made them a bit taller than the way the kit was designed, which was curbside.

This would allow me to have a body lift kit, sort of, as the frame will now sit a bit lower, body a bit higher.

That meant the interior would be too deep, so I made the rear compartment, which I plan to have painted sheet metal to match the body, and added that to the body.

I can put spacers on the underside of the rear compartment floor to keep the frame level, but mounted to the front as planned.

That might explain some of the pictures in the post above!

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1:  So I mounted the engine and driveshafts in the frame, it's a tight fit, but so far, so good!

2:  I took a rad from a Nascar kit and decided to mount it backwards, so I had to remove the fan shroud, first by making several cuts this way:

3:  Then I cut the shroud off this way.

4:  Next I filed the rad down to leave a reveal on the top and sides so I could put some photo-etch rad screen into the front.





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1:  I mounted the rad with a slight lean so that I could fit the intake over and in front of it.

2:  I made a little side filler neck and put a 3D cap on it sitting level. Also made a serpentine belt from .010 X .040 styrene painted rubber black and found some tiny white letters on a decal to add to it, not sure what they say, they're the tiniest I had!

3: This is what will show through the opened up grille........... eventually!




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