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Does anyone have a Customer Service email for Revell?

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I submitted a parts replacement request with Revell on September 6. After waiting six weeks I contacted them via info@Revell.de last week. No response yet. Is there a customer service email? This is for a domestic kit (snap 2015 Mustang), so I didn’t think it would take this long. Thanks. 

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When I submitted a missing parts request, they didn't notify me at all, the parts just showed up in the mail.

You've also got to remember, it's coming from Germany and is packaged by someone who may not speak English, so there could be a little language barrier. 

Still good service in my opinion!

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Interesting!  I submitted a request several months ago and after two weeks I got a reply stating that they will replace the parts for free since they were "short shots".  After another three weeks, I got my parts in the mail.  If they have the parts in stock, they send them out.  If they don't have them, they'll wait for the product to return to stock to get the parts unless the product is not to be returned to stock.

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