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One-Off Build Quiz - Finished

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OSI, acronym for Officine Stampaggi Industriali (literally "Industrial Stampings Workshops") was a coach building company founded in 1960 in Turin by former Ghia president Luigi Segre1919–63) and Arrigo Olivetti (1889–1977) from the Fergat company, a manufacturer of automotive components.[ OSI was intended to be an independent design branch of Ghia's, focussing on niche efforts.  OSI did a few cars for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ford like the OSI Taunus 20M. Based upon a Ford Mustang with a modified space-frame chassis and restyled bodywork, powered by a 289 Hi-Po 4.7litre OHV (270hp) V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission.The OSI Mustang B1 concept car was first displayed at the Turin Auto Show in 1965.Produced as a single prototype and now lost to history? OSI as a company only survived a few years before closing in 1968.


Only 2 members found this forgotten Mustang concept car and non of them got it 100% correct. Both had missed the B1 in the name of the car. But both will get a recommendation via  a PM



One-off 28.jpg

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