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Chopped 62 Chevy Belair custom


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Yikes! It's been quite some time since I've shared/posted anything here! In my absence, I did manage to finish this build. I realized that although custom cars in general are my favorite build topic, I had never tackled an early 60's era style custom before so I thought a 62 Belair might be a good one to try. The top has been chopped with the rear window and trunk moved forward, the body has been shaved/smoothed, hood pancaked with rounded corners, and custom front and rear end treatments added with brass railroad mesh detail. For the interior, factory details on the seats were sanded smooth and tuck and roll inserts with piping was added using half round styrene and spark plug wire. The 'swoopier' 64 Impala dash was used, as well as a parts box custom steering wheel, and a scratch built floor shifter was added. Paint is black lacquer on top and Candy Orange lacquer fades on the bottom with a bit of gold pearl powder. Pegasus chrome reversed wheels and skinny whitewalls complete the early 60s look:  







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WOW, that is beeeeuuuuutiful! I wish i could do a fade paint job like this! Really like the front and rear custom treatments as well as the chop and stance! Alan Mayes once said: Custom cars are rolling pieces of art and their builders are the artists. I can see true artistry here... 🤤

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