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If anybody gets motivation from these pics, let me know which ones you liked and how you plan to do a build. For instance, I saw this ad in HRM July 1963 for a fastback Corvette top - which kind of gave it the Corvair concept vibe done in the 50's (red car below):



I always loved that look, so I ordered an old AMT kit with the requisite top.


Then, because I also saw a Barris modified Sting Ray in HRM September 1964 which I really liked, I knew what to do with the side pipes that also came with my kit:



That basically gave me two great projects out of these two photos. Having now seen over 2,300 views on this topic, I know there have got to be a few of you getting some ideas! Feel free to share.

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Another little photo with a story. This one from HRM April 1963 called the Thunderbird Italien...


With a bit of Googling (who would have thought that was actually going to be a word?), we find a rather beautiful car that would not be too difficult to replicate in scale.


I'm thinking maybe a '61 T-bird convertible, with a '61 Impala bubble top?

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HRM July 1963 had an article on the Chrysler Turbine Vehicle. I have always wanted to build this one, but the only scale model I know of was by JoHan and I haven't found one at a reasonable price yet. In the meantime, I've put the photos from this write-up in my digital archives.


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3 hours ago, Reegs said:

Thanks for posting the site. What a trip down memory lane.

Buried in all those issues is an article about a rear-engined sprint car (subsequently banned).  Gotta find it.

I'm glad you're enjoying the articles Jim. And thanks to you, I now have a new fascinating topic to research further; the saga of the rear-engine sprint cars!


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On 11/19/2022 at 3:26 PM, ea0863 said:

I really enjoy squinting at the tiny little ads, then trying to research what the heck I'm looking at :) Case in point from HRM July 1960.


Wow! This ad turned out to be far more interesting than I initially thought. This is what the car turned out to be:


It was called the "John Osborn Special", and you can read about it at https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/forgotten-fiberglass/1959-john-osborn-special/

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On 11/20/2022 at 3:55 AM, ea0863 said:



The only existant scale model I know of for this car was made by Nichimo, and is quite rare. There is a Hot Wheels toy, and a very expensive 1:8 scale as well.

MPC did a slot car of it. And yeah, try to find one.

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