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Just finished this one up over the weekend. I usually have a hard time painting anything red, but my last 2 turned out pretty good to me... Tamiya TS86 Pure Red no clear. Unfortunately, the hood kinda "glued" to the body during painting, and I decided not to try to pry it apart to keep from risking messing the paint up. Kit's a little challenging trying to get everything lined up perfectly... but it looks so dang good when it's done. On to the pics...






As always, thanks for looking...

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Thanks guys.. much appreciated!

It's a nice kit. Making the grill, hood and body meet right is the only issue I had.

I did a lot of looking on the forum for research before I started. Didn't find nowhere near as many as I expected.

23 hours ago, spencer1984 said:

I've got one of these on the bech now, hoping it turns out even half this clean. Very nice!

Can't wait to see how yours comes out! Your build always rock

22 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Really nice . I just finish mine 2 weeks ago. Timeless classic. I like it.

I'd like to see it!

20 hours ago, Dragline said:

That is a beauty. I have one 90% there and for some reason it fought me all the way..

It definitely put up a fight, but well worth it in the end. Knock it out!

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Gee that looks sharp.  I built mine a long time ago and I don't believe I did it justice.  The Tamiya Red looks like a lot better colour than the old Testors Italian red that I used years ago.  I really like that you painted the grille shell s it should be - I missed that detail on mine.



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Thanks guys!

12 hours ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Nice job on a legendary Rod! I had my go on it about 7 years ago and it's always a pleasure to see another one built!

Yours is one I studied... You knocked it outta the park.

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