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2023 Cannonball Run Build Theme Suggestions

White Rabbit

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Top three for me would be:

1. Mid-engine

2. Run-what-you-brung

3. Wagons

Thus far, based on everyone's top-three lists, we've eliminated eleven themes; leaving twelve. As for the survey, if the themes that have been chosen only once (as per the lists) are eliminated, then the choices drop to seven. The survey, therefore, would be based on those seven. Those seven are, in no particular order: Run-what-you-brung, moonshine, mid-engine, pro-street, phantomball, pick-up trucks and wagons. Though, this list may be added to depending on posts made between today and tomorrow.

I'm working on setting up the survey through last year's site of Supersurvey. I was thinking to have the survey begin December 2nd (as the 2022 CBR ends on the 1st) and run through December 5th. That allows for four days of voting. To prevent multiple votes, an email will be required. Though, I'm not sure how everyone feels about this. Otherwise, we could simply have the survey on the honor-system.

In the event of a tie, a run-off survey would be run.

Let me know what you all think as this is the first time I'm doing this and any input would be appreciated.

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