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1/12 MFH Ferrari 156 Sharknose

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52506028095_f1f8bbd816_h.jpg20221008_073529 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506028190_805c3ee02e_h.jpg20221008_073456 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506028270_633cabe81d_h.jpg20221008_073416 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505819524_62bddedca1_h.jpg20221008_073359 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506102758_05c3f20321_h.jpg20221008_073351 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506028495_defefbc3fc_h.jpg20221008_073334 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505819749_dd4fbc73b9_h.jpg20221008_073327-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506028700_8bd42c2da0_h.jpg20221008_073315 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505064417_98a91833bf_h.jpg20221008_073920 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505818279_037fd98ed3_h.jpg20221008_073803-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506027240_4aaff649e0_h.jpg20221008_073756 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506101768_e8f1c193af_h.jpg20221008_073737 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505818724_e0a1bcfdf2_h.jpg20221008_073730 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506027680_f4d397f310_h.jpg20221008_073726 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52506102083_ab432f1557_h.jpg20221008_073720 by Tomasz, on Flickr52506027830_959e0b6493_h.jpg20221008_073715 by Tomasz, on Flickr
52505065382_3506bf349c_h.jpg20221008_073706-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr

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Tomasz, your car is one of the nicest I've seen all year.  I looked twice to confirm it was a model.  Kudos on a truly outstanding car!  Please don't hesitate to share more of your work sir!  cheers, tim

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On 11/17/2022 at 1:03 PM, Mike 1017 said:

There are no original 156 shark noses surviving. The few that are around are very nice replicas.


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