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Balzer-Manly-Langley 5cyl. Radial Engine

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Something a little different from my usual builds & work.  I can't do much at the bench right now even though I'm anxious to get back to it in earnest. My daughter has a school project that she is doing on the Wright Brothers.  Their prime competitor at the time was Samuel Langley.  He used an engine originally developed by a Mr. Balzer but it needed further development and he hired a Mr. Manly to take it to the next level.  Anyways, the Wright engine was good for 12hp whereas this radial was eventually good (in 1903) for 54hp.  Back in the day that was a huge contrast.  So I took a week to machine the basic Balzer prototype and it was FUN!   It's close to accurate but I wasn't being a stickler on it.  It would have looked cooler with cooling fins but they didn't add those until the final version of the engine was complete.  Surgery btw is Jan. on both wrists for carpal so again, I made this one kind of quick..........Less than 2 weeks from start to finish.  Hope you like it.  Cheers, Tim

DSC 0013 (4)

DSC 0018 (6)

DSC 0001 (13)

The book cover above was a from a great book on the subject that I bought from the Smithsonian btw.

DSC 0020 (3)

DSC 0014 (2)

DSC 0012 (1)


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