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'65 Nova Pro Street


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I really have mixed emotions about this build! While I'm happy to have it finally done and how it turned out. I sure wasn't happy about having to fix the butchered up roof on this model! I've never had to do so much work on just the roof of a model! The worst part is after all that work, it still isn't what I would call accurate as it still has a scale inch and half chop. Measurements prove it. The backlight was the worst to fix as it's eight scale inches too narrow. Then there's the poorly engineered headlights that are too small. Again, I was only able to increase the size of them to six and three quarters. The tail lights appear to be small. But, I can't confirm that. The body has no badges of any kind. Decals would've been nice. No Chevrolet letters on the hood or tail panel. I could make a longer list. But, I won't. Very disappointing kit! Especially for one made currently.   

Since I'm not a gasser fan, the decision to turn it into a pro street was easy. Especially since the chassis and core support from the AMT '66 Nova fit so easily. Wheels from the Revell Rat Roaster, rear tires from the Revell Pro Street '41 Willys and a pair of the Revell Michelin TRX tires on the front finish it off. The engine is also from the Revell Rat Roaster. Headers and carburetors are from the '66 Nova. I only added plug wires for a little extra detail. It's painted with Tamiya Mica Silver. The chrome parts were sprayed with Tamiya Dull and Semi Gloss clear. I scratch built a three inch exhaust. It's painted with Plasti Kote Aluminum. With the blower sticking up through the hood, I scratch built an outlaw cowl and molded it to the hood. A mistake I made with it was not allowing room for the wipers. Didn't find that out until after I installed them! Luckily, there was no damage from removing them. The chassis, body, dash, roll bar and top of the door panels are covered with Tamiya TS-54 Light Blue Metallic over Tamiya Mica Silver. The interior is just simple flat and semi gloss black. The bucket seats are from the Revell Mustang Mach III.  














Thanx for checking it out! 



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19 hours ago, LL3 Model Worx said:

Looks fantastic!

I would kill for a pair of those M/T's...

Leroy, they were in the Revell Pro Street Willys.  The newer version with non opening doors.  Red and black car in box art.  That’s the only kit I’m aware of that came with these. Some larger ones were available in the a AMT Pro Street Coronet and the AMT snap together Pro Street Camaro and Pro Street Firebird.  Hope this helps.
Roger your car is amazing.  Serious looking cowl hood.  I too have a 65 know if I let my friend alter the wheel Hargis back to stock wheelbase but I plan to Pro Street 


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On 11/17/2022 at 5:19 PM, LL3 Model Worx said:

Looks fantastic!

I would kill for a pair of those M/T's...

I've got ONE!! And the letters are messed up/half melted.

Seems like I remember them in a GTO kit years ago when I was a kid.

Thanx! I'll check my stash and see if I have a couple to spare and let you know. 

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