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Hurd Hobbies 3D Printed Tour Type Modified


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I'm always at a bit of a loss when it comes to posting short track cars. I never know exactly what category to put them.  I guess it could go in the "other racing" department, but since these cars are actually sanctioned by Nascar, I decided to put it here. If it's wrong, you can sue me but get in line. :)

This is a kit offered by Hurd Hobbies in NC. It is 100% 3D printed. Even the tires and clear parts are printed. Yes, it's a bit challenging, and yes, it's expensive, but I love the Modified series and I HAD to have it. Yes, I know about the kits coming from Salvinos....I have several pre-ordered, but #1, I've heard they're more of a generic, "one size fits all" type kit, so I'm looking forward to comparing the two. 

These kits must be assembled exactly according to directions, and everything must be lined up right or the parts in the next step won't fit. It is definitely not a kit for beginners, but on the other hand, if I can do it, ANYBODY can. I also quickly learned that thin 3D parts aren't as forgiving as plastic.....I broke the hood twice, then dropped a nerf bar and accidentally stepped on it, crushing it into a million pieces. I also lost a wheel hub, but luckily Hurd Hobbies offers individual parts as well as full kits, and shipping is fast...ordered on Monday, received on Thursday. I made mistakes on this one, but next time I'll be more familiar with it. 

This is 100% Out Of The Box. I added no extra detail at all. The kit is designed so the wheels can be removed....just be careful not to break the tiny lug studs. The decals are the only thing extra, they are for Jason Myers' 2019 "Friends Of Jaclyn" car that ran at Bowman Gray Stadium. 

If you like tour type modifieds, and can afford it, go ahead and try one out. Like I said, the only real problems I had were self-inflicted. Thanks for looking. 











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On 11/18/2022 at 8:16 PM, THarrison351 said:

Outstanding build! Jason Myers! One of my favorite drivers from Bowman-Gray's Madhouse! The other of course is his multi-championship winning brother Burt!  Also, it being Ford powered makes it great too!

My son and I had the chance to meet Jason when the modifieds ran at Anderson SC a few years ago, and he was one of the most friendly and down to earth drivers I've ever met. I became a big fan that day. I try to go to the Madhouse at least once a year, as my schedule allows. 

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I have purchased several "extra" items from Hurd's website and they seem to be of good quality.  I can't afford the Hurd kit but did just receive the other modified kit from Wes/Jim and it looks great!  Your build is fantastic btw.  I love the mods and follow and attend when I can.  My only other question is,  where did you get your decals made?  That's the issue I'm going to have with building some of these mods. 

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