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Streaker Vette....with clothes


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I can't say enough about this kit...so I won't.  Great box art, great premise of a customized Vette and a great nostalgia for a more simpler time in our lives......whew! better stop before all of you get rhe wrong idea.

This was a tough kit, a tougher assembly (engine & headers installation, warped chassis and loads of hot water and a final assembly) and the toughest of it all...having a choice of building another or procuring tickets thru Ticket Master for a Taylor Swift concert. Hmmm....it could go either way.

Patience and time is what you will invest in with this kit as with any kit. I'm surprised with my results.  Everything is OOB and used ModelMaster #2954 Dark Yellow. 







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Looks good to me Chuck , It's great seeing one done in yellow !  I built mine a looong time ago but don't remember anything particularly difficult at least no more than any of the MPC or AMT Corvette kits at the time , they did have a reputation for fiddly small parts . You said you had warped parts, was this one of the new Round2 reissues ?

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