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1957 Chevy Gasser

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Here is a '57 Chevy gasser I recently started.  There has been a lot done to it so far.  I started with the MPC '57 Gasser as my base kit.  I was wanting a combination of the 2 Lane Blacktop '55 along with some style and flash of Project X '57.  So far I have done these modifications..................scratch built front gas tank mount, scratch built hood scoop, scratch built front suspension including the axle and spindle mounts using a combination of parts from the Henry J, a Tamiya on road car, aluminum tubing and some sheet plastic to make posable steering.  Then I radiused the rear fenders and made new inner fender tubs from an old medicine bottle.  The rear axle is a combination of a quick change rear axle from a Craftsman truck, the leaf springs from the gasser kit and ladder bars from a '41 Willys.  The motor is is from the gasser kit but has a tunnel ram with metal carbs from Pro-Tech.  The rear clicks are parts box with tire decals and the rims are from the Little Red Wagon truck.  It wont have a front bumper at all.  Its going along good.  










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Small update on the '57 gasser.  I scratch built a battery tray to go on the firewall and did some more smoothing on the firewall itself.  And then I noticed when the nose of the car was flipped forward....I kept thinking something was missing.  Then I figured it out.  It needed some sort of representation of door hinges.  I just took some simple strips of plastic and glued them in place.  It may not be exactly correct, but will look better than nothing at all.  Adding those "hinges" actually helped keep the flip-nose aligned with the body and the panels stay even.



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