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1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Suspension and chassis jig.

Ian McLaren

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On 12/16/2022 at 2:40 PM, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Beautiful work Ian!  The Camaro loses nothing by waiting, a little break is sometimes beneficial for the continuation of things and this project so well started will only be a winner I am sure.   Good luck with your new restaurant project and try to keep some free time to keep us entertained! 😁

Thank you Francis, there has been a delay on the floor install at the restaurant so I have managed some progress.

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  • Ian McLaren changed the title to 1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Steering gear and radiator
1 hour ago, GoatGuy said:

Ian, wow, a great looking build! I don't know what color you have in mind for the body, but the current color of the plastic looks good. I'm sure there is a paint available in that. Is it Grabber Orange?


Thanks Dave, I'm fairly sure they were trying for Hugger Orange (Carousel Red for the Pontiac guys) and yes Orange with Black stripes is certainly being considered, although I've seen a couple of Red's that would look good. I have not really thought too much about the color scheme yet.

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Thank you very much Francis, but this style of car emerged around the time I stepped back from racing to focus on our family and business.  Luckily I have friends here in town that still build and campaign both Top Sportsman and Pro Mod cars.  At my request they have been putting me through "High Horsepower Door Cars 101"  Be careful what you wish for, I had no idea how out of date I was when it comes to suspensions, engines and electronics. The basics are the same but technology marches on.


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7 hours ago, mr68gts said:

spectacular work Ian! Wanna build my chassis? 😁


Thank you very much Paul, but I'm still learning this brass deal and I'm absolutely sure you have this handled, your project is simply mind bending, and besides, I'd need a bigger bench. LOL   

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Posted (edited)

Master cylinder mounted using OEM M/C also showing the McAmis style master cylinder to chassis support.  I was thinking about the ports on the OEM M/C being on the inside and what means for running the brake lines.  I have since scratch built a Chrysler style M/C as and option as it is the racier of the two ( it needs cleaning up and the filler caps shortened but that will have to wait for the joints to harden.  Opinions on the better choice?



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  • Ian McLaren changed the title to 1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Braking system

Todays progress, steel floor roughed out , needs some additional trimming. Now that there is a floor, I could mock up the adjustable pedal ( remember guys this is an automatic trans car, no third pedal) Spacing seems to work out, change the brass rod for a rod end and small tube and its on to the next project. Steering gear, then shaft and support structures and then throttle pedal.


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1 hour ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

WOW, that's great Ian!  So the floor will be made of thin steel sheet, will you weld it to the brass frame or will it be held in place with some kind of rivets?

Thank you Francis, According the the National Harassment Runaround Association the floor has to be .024" steel welded in on the drivers side only (rivets are out).  Mine is steel, but only .008" but I'm not seeing anyone checking that in the future LOL.  I've been playing around with different effects to simulate the welds but haven't found anything I'm happy with so far.  It's getting painted with the chassis color so I may be over thinking it. Loving your Demon project!

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  • Ian McLaren changed the title to 1/12th Scale 69 Camaro Top Sportsman Suspension and chassis jig.

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