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AMT/MPC/Revell 1973 corvette from scrap parts bin


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I was digging through my parts bin the other day and realized I have most of the parts that I could possibly make a 1973 corvette. I know they pop up on eBay every once in a while but their usually in the $40-$80 range. But I have an AMT 1970 body and a MPC front bumper and optional hood with the hole in the middle, and a few good revell chassis’s.  I’m pretty sure I want to make a 454 4speed coupe so as long as the parts all fit (which from test fitting all looks very promising) I should be able to make one fairly easy. I’m at a blank on color combo tho, I know I don’t want blue or yellow. Red is a possibility or hunter green. And being that I don’t have the correct hood I modified the hood with a hole in it by adding an L88 scoop. It’s kinda roughed in right now but it looks like the panels are going to line up good













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I'd test fit all those parts together before painting. 

The Revell chassis IS NOT a drop-fit in the MPC kits , I know that from experience so it might take some extra cutt'n and fitt'n to get the Revell chassis to play well with the rest of those assorted parts.

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5 hours ago, Can-Con said:

The Revell chassis IS NOT a drop-fit in the MPC kits.

Thanks for the warning, I don’t have any inner fenders from the original body so I’m going to have to modify some revell ones, and they don’t fit, luckily the interior tub fits relatively good.

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I started mixing some paint and came up with a green I’m happy with, it’s not a spot on match by any means but I think it has a good shading quality. Hopefully it hides some of the goofs in my bodywork😁 my big lock stock it running out so I made a mold of a revell 427 and a few intake carb combos. So After about ten attempts I finally got a couple good castings that weren’t full of bubbles. I also trimmed the new chassis so it will fit the body and the wheels are centered. So with all the fitment issues addressed it’s time to put this one in high gear😎









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7 hours ago, dino246gt said:I forgot how cool the early versions of that body style were, which GM dragged on far too long, yours is cool!

I agree, my favorites are definitely the chrome bumper cars, I’ve got 74-82 in the line up tho, my goal is to build 1953-1982. A couple challenging ones are the 73 and the 61, which I think will be the next one I tackle.

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I got a little work done on the engine over the last couple days, it’s almost completely wired up, still have to put a few small pieces on. But I’m pretty happy with it being that it came from the first silicone mold I’ve ever made. Now that I know a little more about mold making I’m going to make a few smaller ones for the smaller detail parts instead of one big mold. 






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