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...is located in Hickory Corners, Michigan, just a short drive from my home, only 6 hours and a border crossing :)  I am already planning my next visit in the spring. Here is a link to my photographs, all 1.700plus, so sit back and enjoy :) 



The Gilmore 20s 30s      0015.JPG

The Gilmore 50s 60s      0058.JPG

The Gilmore Campania Barn       0101.JPG

The Gilmore Lincoln       0114.JPG

The Gilmore Model A Ford       0013.JPG

The Gilmore Misc     0067.JPG

The Gilmore Motorcycles       0022.JPG

The Gilmore Pedal Cars     0008.JPG

The Gilmore Cadillac lasalle       0087.JPG

The Gilmore Corvette      0026.JPG

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Great stuff as usual Howard. I love that you always include all the placards with pertinent information. This a nice diversion from whatever the supposedly big deal football game that was played today. Your stuff was much more interesting.

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Love it.  Thank you for posting the great photos.  Excellent job chronicling one of America's great car museums. Lots to go thru, but well worth the look. 

I was checking out museums around Michigan a few years ago and found this one with not much time left on my journey.  Gave it few hours and Wow!  They had a poster that showed they have cruise-ins and cars shows on the lawn in the summer.  I'm going back.  But till then, I have something to look at.

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Didn't realize this museum was just North of Battle Creek, MI and well within a reasonable drive from our house.  There is also an Aircraft Museum near Kalamazoo and a great nature park West of Battle Creek off of I-94 to visit.  Thank you for the information regarding this museum. 


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