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F-14D Tomcat - 2003 Demo Team replica

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Working on a Tamiya F-14D in 1/48 scale, in the livery that the Tomcat Demonstration Team ran in 2003; the one and only time I got to see a Tomcat live (and it didn't disappoint)! 


Here's a few reference shots on what I'm trying to replicate:




Started as the box describes with the cockpit, but shaving most of the raised surfaces and replaced with eduard F-14D cockpit PE detail kit. The eduard stuff is really good. This is my 3rd aircraft model using their detail up photo etch and it's top notch. 






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VF-101 Grim Reapers! Nice! Sure do miss those things buzzing around here. The current crop of fighters at Miramar are cool, but, Tomcats where just a special sight to see. 

Those cockpit sets are very nice. Almost makes me want to crack one open and build it! 

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I certainly miss the Tomcat as well! What a beautiful, functional, and BA fighter jet. 

Putting the seats and Pilot / REO together. Using Fightertown Decals for the Tomcat Demo Grim Reapers specific livery. So far really enjoying the Fightertown decal quality. They are extremely thin and lay down wonderfully. 








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Progressing here on the Tomcat - another shot of the cockpit before assembling into the nose, and starting to put the fuselage and body together. This shot before I weathered the cockpit and sanded the stick boot (oops).



Doing this build as a gear up flying replica, so needed to cut out a couple pieces to bridge the landing gear doors. A bit of cutting, sanding, fitting , and bracing, but overall okay. Kit's not designed for gear up display but it'll do!


Starting on the nozzles as well.



Thanks for looking!

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Making more progress. Airframe is together and primed. 



Using some cotton balls for support for the front landing gear doors. Foam would have likely been better but... it's what I had. Demo Team never ran Phoenix missile / bomb pallets, but I'll be putting on some air/air ordinance for display. 


My only knock on the Tamiya kit, it'd be nice if it came with internal canopy masks as well as the external!


Primed using Tamiya AS-10 Ocean Gray.


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Didn't do a great job of getting progress shots through the painting, pre-shading, and assembly... but the 2003 Demo Tomcat is nearing the finish line. Gloss is on over the Tamiya Light Ghost Gray bottom and Dark Ghost Gray top. Using decals almost exclusively from the 'Reaper Domination' set from Fightertown Decals. Again, these decals are phenomenal. They lay down like they have solvaset already applied without being too delicate. Very enjoyable decals to apply. 






Onwards to painting panel lines!

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Pushed the Tomcat through the finish line. These Tamiya kits are fantastic builds. The fit and finish really make the build and customization process quite enjoyable. 

Model wash panel line details and weathering:



Wing weathering:




Cockpit unmasked finally following matte clear:


Just about assembled complete!


Thanks for looking! Completed shots over in the under glass section. 

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Great work. I used to work for Grumman in Bethpage, L.I. back when they built those in the 80's. I was a Jig & Fixture tool designer there. It was my 1st job out of college. I grew up about 5 miles from there.

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