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´66 Buick Riviera engine

Andy Oldenburg

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So far i´m finished with the engine.

About 90% of the parts are out of the kit. I customized the air intake and added the stacks, covered the top with fine mesh metal. For quite a while now I build my ignition distributors myself. Honestly, I was tired of drilling those little plastic beans. I put a 2mm rod into a 4mm aluminum tube and have enough space to fill with the ignition cables. If anyone is interested, I can show some images of how I do it another time. The boots are made of 3mm heat shrink tubes. They shrink to half the size and after shrinking the hole is just big enough for the 0.4mm wire. The pulleys and belt are also custom made. I deconstruct those kit parts down to the belt pulley. Occasionally I have to build the pulleys myself out of sheet styrene and slices of styrene rods. The belts I cut from 1mm thick synthetic rubber. I found a supplier for micro photo etched hex nuts, but I don´t know yet, if the show effect after applying 1mm small "nuts" are worth the effort. They really made me sweat😖🤣

Thanks for taking a look!







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