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1971 Plymouth Duster 340


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Fresh off the bench, albeit with some flaws.  I had taken an break from building for about 5 months, and just in the last few weeks got back in the mood to start up again.  I built it in 70's street machine vibes.  Overall this is a pretty good kit to build.  The biggest problem I encountered (and knew going into this build) was the rear quarter windows.  I had trimmed them up a bit, as well as filing down the width of the rearward portion of the interior panels to a point where I thought there would be enough free space for the windows during final assembly.  Well, with that being done, I still couldn't get the chassis seated up into the body, and both side windows popped out.  So, I tried again trimming the bottom of the windows down as much as I could, and ended up shaving off a little of both sides of the dash to pull the tops of the interior closer together, and went at it again.  It worked this time but was still a really tight fit, and of course the driver side window popped out again, and the passenger side one came loose on top.  I tried removing that window but it is wedged in so tight I was unable to.  Frustrated, I almost took the body & chassis apart again, but in fear of damaging more stuff I bit the bullet and decided to leave the window as is.  A bummer, but I can live with it.  For the drivers side window, I trimmed off the remaining mounting flanges, and a bit of reshaping of the window itself, and installed it from the outside.  Whenever I build the other one I have, I'll probably go that route from the get-go. 

Then there's the black paint, got a few fisheyes in it for some reason, mainly on the cowl.  I wasn't happy about that either, but since it is just going on the shelf, again decided to just leave it be and move on.

 Aside from those issues, it was a fun build.  I robbed the Cragars and Mickey Thompsons from the 70 BM Camaro.  Paint is Tamiya TS-21 Gold with Tamiya clear over it, interior is Krylon Brown Boots.  I had put the decals on the hood for the 340 call-outs on the scoops, and plymouth badge, but they pretty much disappeared against the black, so I removed them.  Oh, one other thing...the headlight lens were too big to fit the bezels, so I scrounged up a smaller set from the parts box.   I think I've rambled enough now, lol,  so thanks for looking and any questions/comments.











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Beautiful looking build. The color and the stripes plus the interior look good together. MoPars and Cragars just look right together. great clean looking engine details without going overboard. 

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