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If you get these emails or texts and aren't sure if they're legit, just log in to your account. 


Do NOT click any links in the text/email. Never never never click a link emailed or texted to you.

Close the email and then log in to your amazon or netflix or whatever account through your browser or app. If there's an issue, it'll pop up there. If nothing comes up, you're good to go.


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1 hour ago, Dave Van said:

I just got one from 'UPS' with proper logos and decent english. It was very well done except that the 'We Attempted delivery'   date was TUE @ 14:00.....which has not happened yet!!!!! 

Haven't you heard? In order to go carbon-neutral, they've changed their operations to show everything delivered way ahead of schedule, in order to eliminate the pesky necessity of actually delivering anything at all.

There's a theoretical basis somewhere within the way common-core arithmetic is taught. 

Can't live in the past, you know.  ;)

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On 11/27/2022 at 7:03 AM, Tom Geiger said:

My company sends out fake emails to snag people. If you click on it your boss gets an email and you have to take a class. 

The emails look too good and lots of folks get snagged. My employee got caught by a fake Amazon receipt. It supposedly had a return address other than Amazon.. guess what? Amazon emails come from varying addresses!

When I complained their reply was that my employee shouldn’t be on Amazon on company time!  Um.. the free snacks we put in the coffee rooms all are ordered on Amazon!  


Snack delivery!

Makes sense for companies to test their employees. Potentially an employee clicking on a scam email can subject the company to a ransomware attacks.

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