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wide whitewall inserts

c. jackson

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49 minutes ago, c. jackson said:

looking for 2 whitewall insets possibly from the 62 electra.. there's 4 round inserts on the back of each. if you got em name your terms. have a few things to trade.

I'm pretty sure I have a set of tires that have the white wall plastic inserts... problem is I can't remember what kit they are in...

If I can remember I'd be glad to help.

I know I saw them though...

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19 hours ago, c. jackson said:

Thanks for looking for it, and of course I hope you find em!

Do they fit the tires that say BF Goodrich? I can't make all the writing on the tire out because it's so small. On the font inside of the rings, Is there a little step down.Like where a hubcap might fit. I have those. On the back each has  3 sets of double circles on the plastic.


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16 minutes ago, slusher said:

Les I never thought about AMT and Revell but his has 4 dots on the inside like I have seen on many.

i guess they would need measuring. i dont think the tyres would suit a car later then early 50s but the inserts might fit was my thinking

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Hi Cary,

I thought you'd find these easily. I've been getting ready for a move and have been quite busy packing things but made time last night to look for the whitewalls.

I think these may be the right ones. The 3 photos with no flash look yellow but the whitewalls are white. I believe they came with the 59 Chevy as well as some other cars, not sure which these particular ones came with. Do these look right to you?

 If you can use them they are yours.         -Rich

DSC03221 (1).JPG

DSC03217 (1).JPG

DSC03224 (1).JPG

DSC03226 (1).JPG

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