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Hello all please allow myself to introduce...myself.

I am Tony and I am another old geezer from London, Ontario, Canda.

I was heavy into modeling as a kid in the mid sixties until early seventies when all hobbies were replaced by cars, girls and them military service. As a kid I built the usual gambit of of Aurora, Monogram and AMT kits from tanks and aircraft up to the usual (for the era) drag cars and hot rods. Almost all of those fell victims to explosion (fire crackers) and gunfire (well air gun fire) but not long ago a couple of survivors did turn up in a box in my parents attic.

 How about a 53 year old stretched sprue antenna that although badly bent still survived being packed in a box for decades?


About 15 years ago I got back into the hobby with a vengeance and now, mush to my poor wife's dismay almost every horizontal surface in the house has at least one model on it.

Until recently these have all consisted of:









Military vehicles 




Ships and subs



And my favorite beating things up





So I have no issues doing old, dirty, rusty, flat finished stuff.

I am however scared to death to do new, shiny, clean things such as cars.

Through the next year or so I will be building a bunch of cars. I will be doing new and shiny for cars I wanted back in the day right through to beat up rusty ones I actually had. 

The new list will be almost exclusively late sixties to early 70s MOPARs.

The had list is a bit more varied. 

Cars I owned kits that I have already gathered/started on are:

64 Impala SS - Modded to a convertible

70 Coronet - Superbee converted to an R/T and beat up

77 Econoline van - Doing interior

75 Datsun pickup - complete and posted on this forum

58 Nomad - Dealer promo model from 1958 that will require a great deal of work to restore and update

2014 Scion FRS - Will wait until get practice on new and shiny

2020 Toyota GT86 Hakone Edition - Will also wait

Kits/Resin bodies still looking for:

Kharmann Ghia - Kits exist but low on priority list since I didn't own long

66 Corvair - Waiting for good price

58 Ford Custom 300 2 door - Not much hope

91 Eagle Talon TSI - Zero hope but I could be surprised

03 Lancer Rally - Probably have to rework and Evo


OK so this ended up being way longer than I thought but that is me!




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TCoat, welcome! You will fit right in on this forum! went to London, Ontario for a hockey tournament in 1973-74. Got our butts whipped by the Canadian farm boys 10-1. We were outnumbered! out-hustled and those boys were strong and tall! I was tripped and fell and snapped my Callar bone(ouch!). A great learning experience! You have excellent modeling skills!

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I´m not into military at all, but the models you have shown are very impressing! Looks like the real thing, your weathering skills are awesome.

Cars should come easy for you. You just build in your usual way and polish the bodies to glossy... not. 😅

Looking forward to your next builds!

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48 minutes ago, NOBLNG said:

Welcome to the forum Tony. It looks like you have all the skills to pull off top notch work. Don’t be afraid to try new materials and techniques. It’s only plastic after all.😎

LOL My self inflicted fear of gloss paint is more hyperbole than a real concern and I have successfully painted gloss before. My biggest concern is my two long haired cats mean there is always a game of Find The Cat Hair in every paint job I do. Easy to hide on a muddy tank but stands out like a sore thumb on a nice shiny car. 

Find the cat hair hair round 1 (this one sort of works with the condition though)



Nice paint job. Be a shame if we...got hair in it





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