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I've got a bunch of kits that are duplicates or no longer of interest to build.  Here are some of the more interesting that will be coming up.  Haven't yet come up with trade ideas.  If there is any interest in any of these, message me and we can chat.  The Mod Rod is the original with the full Ala Kart parts.  The Meng Ford F350 has a bunch of detail parts plus Scenes Unlimited Dually parts.  The Mercedes SL65AMG has the optional PE part set.   The Turbine Car is the full detail version.  The Motorcycle and trailer are in the Ford F150 kit
















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As I said above, I am working out what I want to do.  The ones shown are not going to be "giveaways".  If you know the value of an HRM Ford Cobra Coupe, that is what I am looking for in trading "value".  I will contact folks about their interests in the order received, whether PM or post.


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First, I have a very limited wants list.  Instead, I will state I only into 1/24 - 1/25 scale models and UNBUILT.  I am primarily interested in Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati STREET vehicles (no more Racing at this time).  I also am interested in old AMT 1960's GM, primarily Chevy and Pontiac, kits (not new issues).

Below are some more details on some of the kits



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