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2022: My year in styrene: 10 creations...

Claude Thibodeau

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Of all things, 2022 saw the return of model shows, with the chance to mingle with friends and fellow modelers. What a great return to normalcy!

I completed 10 projects in 2022, and tried to cover diverse fields. But... rods and vintage funny cars loom large, with a Bonneville car thrown in for good measure. 

So, have a nice holiday season, and may the gods of styrene be on your side in 2023!


DSC01420 (2).JPG

DSC01438 (2).JPG

DSC01581 (2).JPG

DSC01597 (2).JPG

DSC01556 (2).JPG

DSC01565 (2).JPG

DSC01478 (2).JPG

DSC01496 (2).JPG

DSC01521 (2).JPG

DSC01541 (2).JPG

DSC01500 (2).JPG

DSC01515 (2).JPG

DSC01329 (2).JPG

DSC01328 (2).JPG

DSC01400 (2).JPG

DSC01406 (2).JPG

DSC01376 (2).JPG

DSC01390 (2).JPG

DSC01362 (2).JPG

DSC01364 (2).JPG

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J Flame  AKA Dr hacker Mr slice

I've been out of the build scene for about 13 years now and I was always telling people if it don't flow it don't go but I tell you everyone in this is very meticulously built I really love the VW van but I can't choose a favor they're all hell of a builds

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On 12/17/2022 at 10:12 AM, Joe Nunes said:

Came back to look at the Boothill Express. That has to be one of, if not the, best wood grain paint applications I have seen on a model. Very, very, nice and a treat to look at. 


Hi Joe!

Thanks for the compliments. I had built the kit once in the 60's, and I wanted to make something special out of it, It became the Boot Hill DRIFTER. Can't stop the march of progress, I guess...


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