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Although the original GT40 is a bit too 1960s in its design for my tastes, I do love the way the 2000's follow up looks - the sharpening up of the shape and details and modern production engineering make it look just right. It was a long while before I even knew there was a model kit of one, and then I found this one by Polar Lights, itself a reboxing of an AMT snap-fit kit. I did wonder if a snap-fit kit would be any good but after a long think (years, on-and-off!), this November I decided to give it a go anyway and buy one online. I started it within a few days of it arriving in the post.


There is a lot of detail, with a great interior and a full engine. Being a snap-fit kit, everything fits together correctly and this makes putting it together easier than a needs-glue equivalent. The seats and their silver inserts being a highlight of kit engineering made to make life easy for the builder - the kind of thing you'd expect from Tamiya not AMT. Not having to glue some of the fiddly transparent parts is also very helpful, amongst other things. The decals are great quality, easy to apply and have spares and enough options whatever colour you make your build. The transparent parts are really clean and shiny, and the overall shape and proportions of the car look good. The door mirrors are solidly mounted as are the seats.


The wheels, brakes and tyres are not good, lacking details and having a solid area around the brake disc. The tyre treads are too thick and seem like winter tyres. Also once assembled, the calipers rotate with the wheels. The instructions are not great quality, have omissions and also mistakes in the correct decal numbers. The painting guide is also incorrect in some areas. Despite the comprehensive decals, there are no front-to-back stripes unless you mask and paint your own. Most of the chromed parts are not chrome on the real car but aluminium, and the chrome is a nuisance to remove. Fitting the body to the chassis is work. The initial impression of the kit on unboxing is something which is thick and toylike although building it deconstructs this impression.


Remarkably good. It's a better kit than you'd expect and builds just like any other decent quality kit, despite the expectations of what comprises a snap-fit kit. Very much recommended if you like the subject matter.

Build notes:

Built over the course of 3 weeks in December 2022. Aside from a few bits of mesh it's built entirely out-of-the-box. It's painted with Tamiya Silver (for the stripes) and Land Rover Scotia Grey for the rest, from a Halfords rattle-can. It's clearcoated with Mr Hobby Gloss Premium. I am very very happy with the way it's come out, and how photogenic it is.



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Oh man is that a beauty!  Easily one of the best builds of this kit I've seen.  Excellent job on the stripes.  Like you, I also don't care for the tires in this kit.  I'd love to build mine with swapped out tires, but haven't come up with some suitable replacements yet.

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Great looking build.   The color suits it very nicely! I had the opportunity to see and hold one of the Polar Lights prototypes way back in 2005.  I built one around 2006 or so and for a long time it was the only Ford in my stable.  It has since been joined by the current Ford GT street car and the LeMans winner 2016 Ford GT.


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