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Just completed: Detailed Traditional Deuce Roadster Hot Rod

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I thought I'd have this model completed by New Years eve, but It took an extra day.....instead of my last build of 2022, it's now my first build of 2023.  Almost all of this build is from modifying parts languishing in my parts bin , with lots of scratchbuilding thrown into the mix.
The starting material was a couple of Revell '32 Ford street rod roadster bodies modified to be a roadster pickup, as well as a now shortened pickup box from a Revell '29 Ford pickup kit. The chrome wheels are also from the Revell 32 Ford kit mounted with mystery tires from my parts bin.
The doors have been cut open and hinged with the interior mostly scratchbuilt.
All the suspension is done from aluminum strips (semi-eliptic springs) as well as various sizes of tubing and jewelry wire. The front axle (fabricated brass and aluminum) now has poseable steering and the rear axle is a Halibrand quick-change from an AMT Willys gasser kit (parts bin). The gasser kit also supplied the basic Oldsmobile engine which was modified and detailed to be a more 'streetable' carbureted motor.
The headlight/shock-mount bracket was formed in aluminum, as was the bed mounted fuel tank.
The radiator was formed in polished brass and the paint is custom-mixed automotive basecoat/clearcoat.
The photo-etched grille and instrument panel is from Model Car Garage.



Roadster pu finished small i.jpg

Roadster pu finished small k.jpg

Roadster pu small 1a.jpg

Roadster pu small 2.jpg

Roadster pu small 7.jpg

Roadster pu small 11.jpg

Roadster pu small 15.jpg

Roadster pu small 20.jpg

Roadster pu small 25.jpg

Roadster pu small 27.jpg

Roadster pu small 29.jpg

Roadster pu small 33.jpg

Roadster pu finished small a.jpg

Roadster pu finished small e.jpg

Roadster pu finished small f.jpg

Roadster pu finished small g.jpg

Roadster pu finished small j.jpg

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Definitely the best new model I have seen so far this year and maybe one of the nicest Deuce models I have seen in a very long time. Great to see how it came together all in one post.

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40 minutes ago, ZTony8 said:

From where did the frame rails originate? That particular version of the '32 Ford (the old Little Deuce) didn't have a separate frame).

The frame rails were fabricated using relatively thick sheet styrene. Each side is made of two laminated strips of the styrene.....gives the impression of boxed frame rails.  The lower rib and indents were added using a thin strip of styrene and a little filler (see the 6th pic from the top).  The styrene bends relatively easily to achieve the various side curves.

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Beautiful looking little '32. I was impressed by the first picture of the finished build. With the included layout pictures of the parts that you used give a much better appreciation for what you have created here. 

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This is one sweet looking roadster pickup Cliff! You've really nailed it's stance and proportions in my opinion. I know you had to plan these important things out, especially since the chassis is all scratch built. On top of that everything is super clean. (something I often struggle with -but won't give up on!) The front axle and suspension are beautiful to look at and the colour choices are really eye catching too. The big '55 Chevy steering wheel and the wide whites really add to the period look!

Thanks for posting it-


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