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On 1/13/2023 at 10:58 AM, bh1701 said:


The carpeting was done using a Brown Embossing powder. I have two different methods I may use to to apply it - brushing a thick layer of paint (in a similar shade as the power) and then using a spoon to drop the embossing powder into the paint while it is still wet, or brushing some thinned white Elmer's glue and using the spoon to drop the powder into it. Sometimes I think I may have also used a model railroading product -Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement, which looks like white glue that has already been thinned. I believe I used the thinned Elmer's Glue to do this application.

As I write this, I am thinking another option might be to brush a thick layer of a clear paint and then apply the powder. This would prevent any potential impact of the paint on the color of the powder when it is applied. I may have to try this idea!


Thank you for the detailed response. I'll experiment with the three methods you've mentioned.

Best regards,


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Hobby Lobby has that Testors Fiery Orange. I had a new can I bought a while ago. I unsealed it and the nozzle was not attached. I tired to put it on the paint just sprayed everywhere. The nozzle would not go on. So I tried a new nozzle but it did the same thing. 

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