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AMT 76 Nova Parts box builder


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Dragged this out of my Disco Nova Junkyard this past Monday on a whim. 

It's been in my collection since they reissued it in the early 2000's... I got a case of these because of my love for the real car. This build will be from the leftovers from those kits.

Although it's not my favorite kit, I'm gonna put together the best offering my skills will allow. 😁

Only things different from a box stock build will be wheels & tires, Intake & carb, and the shifter... so far 😆

I'm including pics of it along the way (last two pics) I've stripped and painted it 3 times now. This current paint job purely an accident as I couldn't decide on a color so I closed my eyes and pointed at my paint rack. I picked Testors Firey Orange... Wasn't really happy with fate's decision so I thought I'd add Tamiya Clear red over that to see what happened. Candy Apple goodness is the result. 👌 added some black SS stripes at the bottom to break up the Red. Thanks for following 😀 

Oh and this will be a short build as I'm almost done with it.  Sanded and polished it this morning, Friday Jan 13th. 










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I didn't get any seat time at the bench  this weekend... so I took the time today to finish up the build. There wasn't much left to do, trim foil, final assembly and photo shoot... I'm not 100% happy with the finished result but I'm ok with the build given the timeline I gave myself to finish and it was just junk parts is what I keep telling myself. 😆 Finished photos in under glass if you're interested...


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Well I've talked myself into continuing this thread with another Nova junk box builder... actually 2 more. Basically I'll be robbing parts from two kits to make up one kit and the rest of the stuff I'll use to finish the dirt track car.

The plan is to use the good parts from the dirt track car onto the vinyl top street car to make a complete kit. I'll scratch build whatever I don't have to finish the Race car. 





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Thanks for the encouragement 👍 I'm working on it now...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm gettin excited for the dirt track build and it's becoming more of a priority than the street car. 

I decided to test fit the Nova body to the GTO Super Stocker... the result? Pretty much a direct fit, considering I didn't use that kit as a donor in the beginning.

I recommend using these two kits if you want to build a Super Stocker Disco Nova. I think it's gonna be a great finish. Now I'm rethinking the whole build. New colors and a different theme maybe a Nascar tribute build of sorts.   3, 8, 24, 29? 🤔🤔🤔... 



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