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Happy Birthday '63 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

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I'm going to build this kit to mark the 60th anniversary of the model.

I will take pictures and share my experiences as I build. I made an unboxing video where you can see the parts. Based on the 3in1 option, I'm not sure how I'm going to put it together. If you have already made this kit, please tell me what I need to pay attention to. Thank you.



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I'll be keeping up with this one. I have an affinity for the 63 Galaxie. My late brother-in-law owned one and I used to help him hot rod it. It had a 289 in it that we swapped out for a 390. Jacked it up in the back, added some Cherry Bombs, and all the other requisite bolt-ons. It was the first car I ever helped hot rod. I built a tribute to it but was a bit disappointed by the results.

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I really like this set. I'm doing a major conversion of the Ford Galaxie 500 to do something unique again and try out my new tools. The numbers on the frames are very small and it makes my eyes hurt. Next time I will color the numbers with panel liner.



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